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Storing cheese at the right temperature 8.11.2012

Before cheese can develop the right flavor, it must be stored for several months at the right temperature and air humidity. Owing to the high air humidity, not every sensor is suitable for regulating the air conditioning system. Also, the sensors must be calibrated at the right operating point.

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The art of drying pasta 6.11.2012

Quality pasta needs two ingredients – expert preparation of the dough and correct drying. A controlled drying process is vital to ensure the pasta does not crack or become discoloured. The food-processing machine manufacturer Bühler deploys numerous humidity probes in its equipment to obtain exact measurement results for regulation of the drying climate.

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Fast and Precise Water Activity Measurements 4.5.2012

Bassersdorf, 20 April 2012 – Water activity in perishable foods and pharmaceutical products has a significant influence on their shelf life and storability. Water activity also has a determining influence on the quality of a product, its stability, taste and aroma. Rotronic offers a complete range of water activity products. The devices are accurate and characterized by their high efficiency, exchangeability and ease of calibration.

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Rotronic presents its new transmitter for CO2 measurements 27.2.2012

Bassersdorf, February 22, 2012 – Rotronic, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of measuring equipment for temperature and humidity, is expanding its range of products with CO2 transmitters. This solution is the answer to many requests from customers, who can now choose from completely new measuring parameters. The CO2 transmitters raise energy saving efficiency, analyze indoor air, and monitor CO2 levels in underground parking facilities and tunnels.

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Rotronic’s new universal logger - an all-round instrument 22.2.2012

Bassersdorf, 22 February 2012 – Parameters such as humidity, temperature, air pressure, light and acceleration are of central importance in order to obtain meaningful measurement results for industrial and scientific applications. The new all in one LOG-HC2, enables users to measure and save all these parameters simultaneously.

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New Product catalog “Humidity, Temperature, and CO2 measurements” 9.1.2012

New Product catalog “Humidity, Temperature, and CO2 measurements”

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